The Cat Vet of Hebron offers telemedicine consultations to established clients for patients who have had an exam within the last year. Telemedicine requires a Veterinarian-Client-Patient-Relationship (VCPR). In Kentucky that means we must have examined the pet within 12 months and have seen the client or a representative in-person to provide medical care, advice, or prescription.

What is telemedicine? Usually that means a phone conversation. If you prefer a video chat, we can arrange that. Typically, we will ask you to obtain photos or video of your cat before the appointment time since cats don’t perform on command. If you have written materials such as home nursing care logs or blood glucose testing results, please email those at least an hour before the appointment.

When are follow-up phone consults included in a service?

  • 1 tech phone consult and 1 doctor phone consult post hospitalization or procedure.
  • 1 doctor consult to discuss diagnostics (test results).
  • 1 doctor consult to discuss results of a consult or visit with a specialist.
  • Within 1 week for complications/ feedback on a new or change in therapy.
  • Wellness plans include 3 telemedicine consultations per plan year.
  • Technicians are available to discuss general well pet care, including vaccines, nutrition, grooming, and litter box management.

When are telemedicine consultations appropriate?

  • Follow-ups for behavioral therapy, skin issues, arthritis, and GI complaints.
  • Management concerns such as conflict between pets, introducing a new pet, introducing a pet to a new baby, moving or traveling.
  • Feeding issues between pets or nutritional consultations on healthy cats
  • Consults for clients doing home monitoring of diabetes or weight loss plans.
  • Parasite control plans-what flea control is right for you? Do you want to protect your cat against heartworms? Do you need a strategic deworming plan for your multicat household?

Some telemedicine consults might include a tech visit for labs.