Wellness Plans are offered to cats one year of age and older based on their lifestyles. All plans include:

  • the physical exam fee for all well visits, sick visits, and rechecks. It does not include the in-patient exams for hospitalized patients or the 45 minute behavior consultations.
  • Free nail trims
  • 25 % off laser therapy
  • 25% off parasite control, including Revolution, Bravecto, and Cheristin
  • 100% on all vaccinations recommended for that lifestyle
  • screening tests recommended for that lifestyle.

As an enrollment bonus, cats receive a complementary microchip and lifetime registration.

Plans are securely billed monthly to a credit or debit card. Which plan is right for your cat?

Farm Hand: Outdoor and barn cats, vaccinate with FVRCP, Imrab rabies, and feline leukemia.

Adventurer: Indoor/outdoor cat: vaccinate with FVRCP, Purevax rabies, and feline leukemia. Screening test for cardiomyopathy every 2 years.

Cosmopolitian: Indoor cat, vaccinate with FVRCP and Purevax rabies. Screening test for cardiomyopathy every two years.

Dentistry option for any of these 3 plans includes anesthesia, vital sign monitoring, dental x-rays, and scaling and polishing. The usual fees for extractions, periodontal treatments, antibiotics or pain medications apply.

Silver: All cats 10 years and older. Includes FVRCP, Purevax rabies and feline leukemia, semiannual blood pressure screening, and 1 set of senior screening labs, including a complete blood count, metabolic profile with thyroid, and a urinalysis.

Silver Dentistry option offers the same as above plus IV catheter and IV fluids.