cat-401124Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease is a common disease seen in indoor cats and is most common in male cats. FLUTD causes inflammation in the urinary tract that can lead to mucus and cellular debris blocking the urethra, which can be a life threatening problem.

Some symptoms of FLUTD may include going in and out of the litter box with little or no urine production, blood in the urine, and abnormal grooming of genital area. If your cat howls or acts painful when trying to urinate, he will need to be seen on emergency to ensure his urethra is not blocked.

Your pet’s doctor can help determine the right course of treatment for your pet.  Medical management of FLUTD may include changing your cat’s food or adding supplements to help support the integrity of the bladder. Ask your pet’s veterinarian today on the best ways to prevent FLUTD.