Lauren Dell, DVM

LaurenWithKristyI grew up in rural Poolesville, Maryland with cats, dogs, and horses. I studied Biology at The College of William & Mary and earned my doctorate from the Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine at VA Tech in 1997. I spent the first eight years of my career in Virginia, primarily working with dogs and cats and developing interests in nutrition, behavior, and geriatrics. I also learned feral cat Medicine and served as Medical Director for Meower Power, a feral cat management group.

My family and I moved to Johnson City, TN for 3 years, where I continued small animal practice with a significant amount of shelter medicine. We came to Hebron in 2008 when my husband Kevin, an internist, joined the faculty of the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine. We have two teen-aged daughters. Our animals include 4 cats, 2 horses, and a pony.

After 18 years in practice, I decided to distill everything I learned from my prior positions to shape a practice devoted to cats. The Cat Vet of Hebron opened in 2015. To learn more about our priorities and values, please see the Ethics Statement.

Becky – Client Services

Hi, I’m Dr. Dell’s daughter, Becky! I moved from Tennessee to Hebron, KY in 2008 and have grown up here with my family. I’m currently a student at Conner High School and started working at TCVOH alongside my mom in May 2019. I’ve been raised surrounded by cats my entire life, and have 3 at home. I love working as a receptionist here and getting to know clients and their wonderful kitties always brings a smile to my face!


9hUTHpf39os6SrsCeT0FCiCru4Ek-5afLA (2)Hi, I’m Julie! I just moved to Cincinnati in November 2016 from Baton Rouge, LA, where I was a zoo keeper and zoo educator for the past 4 years. I love animals of all types and my passion is for conservation. I am also a zoo educator and volunteer at the Cincinnati Zoo. I enjoy working at TCVOH because it is a calm, soothing environment for our feline friends and I look forward to meeting new clients and patients every day. I split my time in the office between the front desk and patient care as a veterinary assistant.

Beth – Client Services

9hUTHpf39os6SrsCeT0FCiCru4Ek-5afLA (2)I was the kid who brought home all the strays…many strays. I have loved and owned animals all my life, and am grateful for the opportunity to work for The Cat Vet of Hebron.

I have 4 sweet kitties and 2 sweet dogs. I live in Erlanger, KY with my husband. We will soon be empty nesters as our youngest and last at home of 4 children will be moving out.

I truly look forward to seeing you and your fur baby at your next visit!

Holly – Client Services

Hey, I’m Holly! I’m originally from California and as one of six children, I grew up in a house full of love for one another and our cats, dogs, field mice, and fish. There was never a dull moment during my childhood and I plan on giving my daughter the same experience. I have been residing in Kentucky with my husband and daughter for the last three years and have now call it our home. The Cat Vet of Hebron has been an incredible opportunity to connect one on one with clients and patients alike. The more I see them, the more like family they are. I am incredibly grateful to work in an environment where patients, clients, and employees alike are treated with the utmost care, respect, and urgency. That being said, I cannot wait to meet you and your adorable furbabies!

Sarah – Veterinary Technician

Hello! I’m Sarah and I live in NKY with my husband, Steve, and our three pets. I have been blessed to be a part of the veterinary community since 2012. I’m originally from Cincinnati, but went to Harrison College in Evansville, IN. After achieving one of my life’s goals of becoming a Registered Veterinary Technician I moved home to the Cincinnati area be closer to my family. I love teaching clients how to use tools and medications to better the lives of their pets once they’re back home. It is my true pleasure to help you and your kitty live healthy and happy.

Abby – Veterinary Technician

Hi, my name is Abby. I work at the Cat Vet of Hebron as a veterinary technician. I graduated from Vet Tech Institute in Indianapolis, Indiana, and received a degree in Veterinary Technology in December 2019. I started working at the Cat Vet in February 2020. While growing up I had a deep love for animals, especially felines. This developed into seeking a career in the field of Veterinary Medicine so I could care for and provide an excellent level of support to all of your meowing companions. During my time here at the Cat Vet, I have learned something new every day. I thank you for providing me with the opportunity to care for and assist you in understanding the peculiarities of your feline friends.

Jackie – Veterinary Assistant

Hi, I’m Jackie! Ever since I was a little girl wrapped up in a bed full of stuffed animals of all sorts, I have dreamt of working in a veterinary office. That dream started with my working at the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden’s Center for Conservation and Research of Endangered Wildlife for twenty years as their Cat Colony Manager. In this role I managed a colony of domestic cats and assisted veterinarians and scientists with behavioral, wellness, nutrition, reproductive, disease, and health studies all related to feline medicine for both domestic and endangered feline species. The knowledge and experience I acquired has led me to a new endeavor as a Cat Vet Technician Assistant continuing to expand my knowledge and new skills while working with clients and seeing the love they have for their cats. I look forward to talking to you about your cats and assisting to make their lives happy and healthy!

Charlotte, Office Manager