cat08We frequently see cats for the diagnosis and treatment of allergies. Common signs include itching,

  • rashes,
  • ear problems,
  • vomiting and diarrhea, and
  • coughing and difficulty breathing.

Many cats have suffered their whole lives.

A discussion of the cat’s history of signs and response to prior treatments can make us suspect allergies.

In addition to a thorough physical exam, the following tests help zero in on a specific diagnosis:

  • ringworm,
  • skin cytology,
  • blood tests for digestive function, and
  • x-rays of lungs or GI tract

There are 3 major causes of allergies:

  • fleas
  • environmental items
  • food

For cats with skin or respiratory signs, serum allergy testing may give a specific list of allergens.

Although steroids can provide rapid relief from allergy signs, long-term steroids have significant health risks, including diabetes and other hormonal problems.

In the past few years, there have been many exciting developments, including:

laser therapy
Information on serum allergy testing and hyposensitization
Interactive allergy map
Fascinating video tour of common allergens
Atopica –

Some commonly prescribed diets for food allergies: