How can we make you feel more comfortable?

  • Building is ADA-compliant, including zero-entry sidewalk and wheelchair and scooter accessible exam rooms and restroom.
  • Staff available to carry cats and food.
  • Drive-up window for refills. On-line pharmacy for home delivery.
  • Easy open pill vials.
  • Printed and emailed receipts and instructions.
  • Appointments can be scheduled for quieter times.
  • Our second exam room features a higher and wider bench- available on request.

How can we make you feel more welcome?

We are pleased to care for cat owners of all ages, nationalities, racial groups, religions, sexualities, and gender identities. We recognize that cat families can look a variety of ways. Please advise us of your household structure when designating co-owners and let us know proper titles and pronouns for each individual on the chart.

Suggestions can be submitted under the Contact Us tab.