Why Feline Only
     ·Quiet, calm, light-filled practice
     ·Warm towels and soft surroundings. No cold steel tables or cages.
     ·No barking. Ever.
     ·Entire staff is cat friendly and cat fluent.
     ·Pheromones to help your cat feel at home.

Cats and Carriers
     ·Carrier needs to open from the top.
     ·Leave it open in the center of the room as soon as you make your appointment
     ·Pheromones-Feliway helps cats feel safer and more comfortable
     ·Brunch on Sundays-feed your cat in the open carrier every Sunday morning and       it will be easy to get your cat to go in at other times.

Let Us Help You Help Your Cat.
     ·Individualized care- from vaccination protocols, parasite control to nutrition
     ·Early am drop-off, evening hours
     ·Drive up prescription pick up, home delivery of medications and prescription         foods
     ·Phone consultations for appropriate conditions of established patients
     ·Equipped and prepared to treat feral and combative cats
     ·Custom medication forms- long acting injection, transdermals (creams),                 flavored liquids and chews

Feline Dental Care
     ·Dental x-ray takes the guesswork out of finding sources of oral pain. It                   pinpoints problems below the gum line and between the teeth.
     ·All our equipment is tailored for cats, not small dogs.
     ·Complete vital sign monitoring
     ·Supportive warmth
     ·Individually tailored anesthetic protocols and pain management